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It was in the winter of 1997 that when some of us the fellow Principals met in Delhi, attending the Principals conference hosted by the ‘Indian Colleges Forum,’ the idea of forming an All India Principals organization, similar to that of the ‘Association of Indian Universities,’ was mooted. A Steering Committee was formed to ascertain the views of the Principals across the country about the feasibility of such an organization. Dr.G. Ramachandram, the Convener of the Steering Committee, wrote nearly 1000 letters to fellow Principals seeking their views. He had received an overwhelming response to the idea of an All India Principals organization. And encouraged by the response, some nine Principals had met at Goa University on 22nd February, 2008 and formed the Association of Indian College Principals (AICP) ...

Aims and Objectives

  1. To serve as an apex organization of College Principals at the national level;
  2. To exert positive influence on decision making and policy formulation in the field of higher education and to take up common financial, administrative and academic issues and problems with appropriate authorities;
  3. To assist the appropriate authorities in implementation of educational policies and programmes;
  4. To promote academic and administrative excellence in the field of higher education; ...



The AICP’s motto is ‘mind without fear’ It is an adoption from the famous prayer of Gurudev Rabindranath Tag ore “ Where the mind is without fear…” Principals are academic leaders and unless they conquer fear and act fearlessly they can not do big things and achieve success.

Latest News

17th National Conference
The 17th AICP conference is scheduled to be held at Ranchi in the coming year, 2016.We plan to begin on 4th to 6th March. The conference will be hosted by Ranchi College...

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